Designar och genomför komplexa säljstrategier åt världens starkaste varumärken.

Complete Field Marketing package


Examples of what we do

Market Teams

We manage teams that will represent your brand on the field and act in your name. We drive sales, transmit messages, build brands and gather data of how customers perceive your brand in relation to competition.

Our sales & marketing experts train and develop professionals together with your partners and resellers and make sure that materials and products are where it should be at the point of sale.

Sales Assistants

We maximize consumer traffic, performs activities and product demonstrations in order to take advantage of peak seasons. In-store promotions drive actual sales and customer experience.

By engaging our highly educated and well trained sales assistants, you can influence the customers at the moment of sale and convince them that your product or service is the best. We drive real sales and measurable results.

We are not there just to show us – we inspire partners and their staff to credible recommendations in order to connect your brand closer to the customer.


How we work

We develop and perform market activities that are strictly focused on targets and key performance

  • Deliver analyses that interact with multifaceted sales programs
  • Build and manage data for thorough analyzing
  • Apply tailor-made, well proven sales processes to identify business opportunities and capture efficiencies

Some of our customers

Today, Market Partner delivers a solution to Microsoft that increases overall sales and sales efficiency in terms of attach-rate within retail. We supply experts that train, educate, develop and informally manage sales professionals within a majority of Nordic consumer electronic accounts.

Result: Sales efficiency has increased in all areas and in select accounts, doubled.

 Kaspersky Lab is the world’s fastest growing supplier of internet security products. Today, Market Partner provide a solution to find and cultivate partners and resellers and ultimately increase the sales figures within retail.

Result: Kaspersky Lab captured the number two market-position within 2 years.

 Asus products are thanks to highest quality best-in-class in every customer segment. Together with Market Partner, Asus are able to continuously transform its leading technology into consumers top of mind and leading market position.

Result: increased control over strengths and consolidating leadership by innovation.

 Market Partner participates in new processor-generation launches. Cross-border co-operations and continuous market feedback enables favorable product-mix optimization in a controlled, efficient and profitable manner.

Result: Improved customer experience, increased customer satisfaction thanks to better performance and successful new product introduction and old product phase-out. Higher average street price and market profitability.

Field Marketing Experts

Complete service package in Field Marketing used by some of the strongest brands in the world.

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About Market Partner

In the year 2008 we brought a brand new concept to Sweden that had an amazing success in a very short time.

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