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Claes Kindstrand på Market Partner

Claes Kindstrand, CEO of Market Partner was the CO- founder of Outsourca AB, together with Per Holmgren, Senior Partner of Market Partner”


A new concept for securing success

Market Partner is one of the most renowned Sales Outsourcing advisors in the Nordics. As experts in maximizing the ROI of every marketing cent, we direct the efforts to where they have the most impact – at the moment of sale.

We design and implement complex sales strategies for some of the strongest brands in the Nordics and the World. We know how to successfully introduce a whole new brand or increase the sales, profitability and market share for an existing product or service.

We identify and profile ideal customers, collect data, create Key Performance Indicators that helps
solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. We analyze the impact of market activities on the bottom line and survey consumer feedback on brands and products.

Succes is in our backbone

Market Partner is a relatively young company but already, we are co-operating with some of the
world’s most famous companies. We are founded by people that are truely passionate about sales.

Our guiding star is commitment in everything we do and a real desire to understand the needs of
our clients. The focus of our operations is to provide customer experience. By understanding clients needs and their relations and processes with customers, we can achieve it.

We are independent och we work integrated with our clients internally and with their partners.
Market Partner has a leading experience in Sales Outsourcing on a Nordic level.

What we’ve manage…

  • Increased sales
  •  Stronger partners
  • More loyal customers
  • Increased market shares
  • Increased readiness
  • Faster launches
  • Reduced sales costs
  • More satisfied customers.

Our offer to you

A sale is an opportunity to transmit a message, to strengthen a brand, create customer ambassadors and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Every transaction shall have ever higher level of quality and performance.
  • Understand your brand’s attraction and find ways to make it even better.
  • Promote what you stand for and at the same time meet the needs of resellers.

Our consultants are ready to help you gain more ground and reach new levels…

Field Marketing Experts

Complete service package in Field Marketing used by some of the strongest brands in the world.

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About Market Partner

In the year 2008 we brought a brand new concept to Sweden that had an amazing success in a very short time.

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